Export permit application

In order for the taxidermy process to begin on your trophy we need to ensure the necessary paperwork is in order. The following documents must be provided:

  • Copy of the PH Hunting Register (original may be requested)
  • P3 exemption letter (detailing where the hunt took place)
  • Land owner’s permission letter

If a TOPS species is hunted a hunting-permit is required, along with the documentation mentioned above, before the export permit can be issued. Please note: The date on the export permit must correspond with the date on the PH register.

Once documents have been received, and deemed in order, the application for an export permit can begin. For increased speed the application is usually done simultaneously with the Taxidermy activities. The Taxidermist will obtain the necessary veterinary documents required for this phase in the exportation process. Additional documents required are:

  • Taxidermy invoice
  • Export permit
  • Veterinary documents

The issuing and receiving of an export permit can take anything from two weeks to a month depending on the province’s specific nature conservation office. This is excluding CITES permits which take longer. You will need a CITES import permit in order to receive a CITES export permit.