Trophy hunting permits – get it right first time

As a game trophy hunter you know that it is necessary to have all the necessary trophy hunting permits, from those required to transport your selected weapons and ammunition to the country of the game hunt – and back again, to those necessary for the transportation of the game trophy, taxidermy, hunting souvenir, once the specimen has been mounted, packaged and shipped. Failing to have the correct permits can result not only in penalties but also confiscation of the trophy.

Another possible outcome is a protracted process of having to re-file permits applications. This is made more difficult once the entire process has commenced. The entire process of the hunt and the transportation of the game trophies, taxidermy and hunting souvenir can take many months and it is essential to work with a company which can ensure that it is done correctly the first time. The only way to ensure a speedy process is by submitting permit applications that are correct and supported with all the necessary documentation, the first time.

At Zingela Forwarders, we are not only a specialist forwarding company focusing on the handling and shipping of hunting trophies, taxidermy and hunting souvenirs, we are also hunters, and as such have experience in dealing with the relevant trophy hunting permits issuing authorities in each of the sectors. Through our extensive network of agents around the world, we know what is required for the safe arrival of trophies in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and The United States.

By assisting our clients with the completion of permit applications, we help to prevent penalties and also guarantee that the time required from the start of the hunt until the hunting trophy arrives at its destination is kept to the absolute minimum.

A number of permits will be required for each stage of the process commencing with the hunt and end with the necessary permits for the export and transportation of the trophy. Each permit application has to be completed at the correct time and in the correct sequence. We can assist with the completion of the application forms for all of these permits and ensure that they are correct, in order to expedite the process.

Make Zingela Forwarders you partner of choice– because we understand the importance and value of each and every trophy.